Monday, 15 December 2014

Monday, 8 December 2014

Assembly Awards 05/12/14

Principal Awards (Term 4 Week 8)
Akeelah Newdick, Cruz Conzales-Bourke, Paige Leeson, Olivia Burgess, Josh Henderson, Joshua Kohu-Fry, Ben Dyer, Emma Neustroski, Rylee Stacey, Rylee van Dijk

Classroom Awards (Term 4 Week 8)
Rhys Mills, Georgia Paterson, Ryan Galdeman, Jenna Ruck, Joe Daffron, Jessica Hayman, Cameron Russel

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Assembly Awards 28/11/14

Principal Awards (Term 4 Week 7)
Ryan Vos, Rebekah Burgess, Samantha Vos, Dekorah Matakaiongo, Casey Rendell, Darcy Gilbert

Classroom Awards (Term 4 Week 7)
Cumorah Christy, Courtney Holmes, Kyla Chen, Ashtyn Denize, Taylor Groves, Lincoln Couper, Billy Eynon, Mereana Moana, Amy Charman-Moore

Monday, 24 November 2014

Assembly Awards 21/11/14

Classroom Awards (Term 4 Week 6)
Olive Anderson-Podmore, Zach Taylor, Tylah Gardiner, Harley Oosthuyzen, Taite Howard, Fergus Aitken, Alana Yorke, Ethan Henderson, Georgia Barnett

Assembly Awards 14/11/14

Classroom Awards (Term 4 Week 5)
Summer Paterson, April Annas, Lydia Henderson, Jessica Hayman, Rico Martin, Regan Cumming, Coco Campion, Phoenix Ruddell, Imogen Aulding, Chelsea Irving, Caitlyn Elliot

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Art Expo and Garden Fest

The rain will pass!
We hope you will join us tomorrow (Tuesday) between 4-6pm -
 it's looking amazing!
Bring your families and friends.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014


Book Week 2014

Have you been to the Book Fair yet?
Lots of great books... the fair is set up in the PAC and is open before and after school.

If you would like to donate a book to our school library,
our wonderful PTA will subsidise the book by 50%.

Reminder tonight is Milo and Marshmallows from 5-6pm
Come dressed in PJs and listen to stories read by our City Librarians.

Tomorrow is the Book Character Parade at 9am followed by the
School Council PJs and Popcorn event at 12.30pm - cost $2.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Assembly Awards 31/10/14

Classroom Awards (Term 4 Week 3)
Emily Holland, Cumorah Christy, Ben Dufaur, Andre Nelson, Caleb Jenkins, Caleb Billington, Mitch Howe, Aston Martin, Caris McGillivray, Blaize Banfield, Te Rua Moana

Assembly Awards 26/09/14

 Principal Awards Term 3 Week 10
Minnie Collins, Rylee Stacey, Sarah Kennedy, Tom Dyer 

Classroom Awards Term 3 Week 10
Kiana Edwards, Lisa Evans, Tasha Thompson, TaHlia Roscoe, Zak Weatherley, Kane Campbell, Patrick Maloney, Lenny Gilbert, Brie Ferguson, Jacob Stock

Book Week

The Scholastic Book Fair has arrived at school today and the fun has begun.
It is set up in the PAC and is open before and after school each day.

Check out the photos from today...

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Assembly Awards (19/09/14)

Principal Awards (Term 3 Week 9)
Imogen Aulding, Katrina Opie, Zane Davy, Conor Keys, Xavier Butler

Classroom Awards (Term 3 Week 9)
Regan Marshall, Taylor Groves, Jayden Franz-Kwan, Ben Rikiriki, Ally Hudson, Hannah Rose, Grayson Moore, Jack Fitzpatrick, Lucas Cotterill, Sara Fitzpatrick, Beau Galvin

Assembly Awards (12/09/14)

Principal Awards (Term 3 Week 8)
Akenese Tasi, Taylor Groves, Rahui Smith, Tobias Werahiko

Classroom Awards (Term 3 Week 8)
Fergus Aitken, Analise Roscoe, Arohaina Worthen, Reef Fielden, Danny Nelson, Grayce Gill, Sofia McCormick, Alex Hall, Ezekiel Wesley, Olivia Stanton, Tobias Werahiko

Assembly Awards (05/09/14)

Principal Awards (Term 3 Week 7)
Pia Beach, Ivy Anderson-Podmore, Luke Jones

Classroom Awards (Term 3 Week 7)
Amy Smith, Abigail Lord, Noah Lord, Gibby, Max Powdrill, Felix Anderson-Podmore, Luke McLelland, Luka Bryan, Mutu Smith, Izzy Sanders, Regan Dodds

Wednesday, 10 September 2014


CONGRATULATIONS to our gym girls for incredible results in GymSports.

Arohaina Worthen - GOLD

Keilani Worthen - SILVER

Thanks again to our marvellous coach - Maree Logan.
Your support, passion and incredible dedication to the team is phemomenal! We love you!


Congratulations to our amazing Gymnasts who came away today with a
silver medal in the Twisters Artistic teams competition.
Well done Keilani, Arohaina, Jessica and Hannah.
An incredibly big THANKS to Mrs Logan who is certainly our
coach extraordinaire.

A great effort was made by our Indoor Bowlers in the Individuals competition yesterday (Tuesday)
The 8 bowlers played very well and there were a couple of very good wins.

Congratulations must also go to Katrina Opie who qualified for the semi-finals in the Indoor Bowls competition. Katrina won her first game and was then knocked out by one point.
 Katrina played exceptionally well and we are very very proud of her efforts.
Well done Katrina:)

Thursday, 4 September 2014

School Speeches - House Points 2014

Points for School Houses are awarded as follows:

Participation:  Class speeches = 1 point (everybody who completes a speech in class)

Semi-final: Syndicate run-off = 1 point

Finalist: School Speech comp = 3 points

Winner: School Speech comp = 5 points

2014 Results:

Stay tuned for an updated leaders board. 

School Houses





Our School Houses were established in Term 1 of 2014.
We are very proud to now have a House Shield on display in our PAC.
This shield shows the results of the winning houses for Swimming and Cross Country.
Results for Speeches will be next...

This shield has been beautifully made by David Caddie of Christchurch.
(Grandad of Troy, Georgia and Brooke Barnett)
The four woods have been laminated together to represent each house.
(If you are interested in the history of each piece of wood that makes up the shield,
this information is on display in the PAC)

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Assembly Awards 29/08/14

Principal Awards (Term 3, Week 6)
Rachel Brown, Sierra Hopping, Jayden Litolff, Charlotte Rose, Matthew Couper, Stacey

Classroom Awards (Term 3, Week 6)
Cristina McCormick, Sophie Finn, Sam Dyer, Briley Dodds, Cameron Russell, Matthew Simmonds, Ashton Flett, Chelsea Irving, Hunter Woolford, Ben Dufaur, Madina Russell

Sunday, 31 August 2014

School Speeches 2014

Years 5-8 students have all recently been involved in writing and reciting speeches as
part of the Term 3 Oral Language focus.
Well Done to all the students who were involved in speechmaking.

School Speech Finals
Thank you to Coryl Baggenstos who was the judge for our School Speech Competition on
Monday the 25th of September. 

School Finalists were:
Year 5:
Claire Smith
Sofia McCormick
Stan Tucker

Year 6:
Cristina McCormick
Sean Galdeman
Lisa Evans

Year 7:
Jessica James
Hannah Rose
Arohaina Worthen

Year 8:
Rachael Ace
Hamish Gleeson
Keilani Worthen

Winners for 2014:
Year 5 - Sofia McCormick
Year 6 - Cristina McCormick
Year 7 - Arohaina Worthen
Year 8 - Hamish Gleeson


Monday, 18 August 2014

Kids Can Ride

Last week we had the Kids Can Ride instructors at school for the Year 5 and 6 syndicate. The objectives of this programme are:
  • To enable children to cycle more safely to and from school by increasing their competency and confidence levels.
  • To encourage parents to allow their children to cycle.
  • To prepare Year 6 children for cycling safely and independently to intermediate school.

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the students spent time at school learning how to check their bike and helmet to make sure it is road safe, give way rules, hand signals, left hand and right hand turns.

On Thursday and Friday we ventured out of school down to The Lakes to practice the skills they had just learnt on the road. It was great to see how much confidence they had all gained and everyone had a great time.

Thank you to the parents who came cycling with us we really appreciate you giving up your time to make it a success.