Sunday, 31 August 2014

School Speeches 2014

Years 5-8 students have all recently been involved in writing and reciting speeches as
part of the Term 3 Oral Language focus.
Well Done to all the students who were involved in speechmaking.

School Speech Finals
Thank you to Coryl Baggenstos who was the judge for our School Speech Competition on
Monday the 25th of September. 

School Finalists were:
Year 5:
Claire Smith
Sofia McCormick
Stan Tucker

Year 6:
Cristina McCormick
Sean Galdeman
Lisa Evans

Year 7:
Jessica James
Hannah Rose
Arohaina Worthen

Year 8:
Rachael Ace
Hamish Gleeson
Keilani Worthen

Winners for 2014:
Year 5 - Sofia McCormick
Year 6 - Cristina McCormick
Year 7 - Arohaina Worthen
Year 8 - Hamish Gleeson


Monday, 18 August 2014

Kids Can Ride

Last week we had the Kids Can Ride instructors at school for the Year 5 and 6 syndicate. The objectives of this programme are:
  • To enable children to cycle more safely to and from school by increasing their competency and confidence levels.
  • To encourage parents to allow their children to cycle.
  • To prepare Year 6 children for cycling safely and independently to intermediate school.

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the students spent time at school learning how to check their bike and helmet to make sure it is road safe, give way rules, hand signals, left hand and right hand turns.

On Thursday and Friday we ventured out of school down to The Lakes to practice the skills they had just learnt on the road. It was great to see how much confidence they had all gained and everyone had a great time.

Thank you to the parents who came cycling with us we really appreciate you giving up your time to make it a success.

Assembly Awards 15/08/14

Principal Awards (Term 3 Week 3 and 4)
Peta Elliot, Mia Tanner, Brie-Anna Ferguson, Hunter Brill, Karma Brymer, Mikayla Cruickshank, Jasmin de Buisson

Classroom Awards (Term 3 Week 4)
Amy Charman-Moore, Nathan Stroud, Larina Petersen, Adam Manners, Samantha Vos, Dekorah Matakaingo, Shelby Adlington, Chloe Broxholme, Same Groves, Poppy Richardson

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Assembly Awards 08/08/14

Classroom Awards (Term 3 Week 3)
Sally Song, Emma-lee De Lange, Rachael Ace,  Devon Martin, Jorja Elkington, Emma Neustroski, Shelby Adlington, Regan Cumming, Bella Hall, Rivah McCafferty, Camryn Guthrie.