Tuesday, 22 September 2015

More Success for Ripeka!

Ripeka represented the Central Zone at last week's Year 7 & 8 Inter-school Speech Competition held at Omokoroa No 1 School. Students came from far and wide to compete. The speeches were all of a very high standard in each section. We are thrilled to announce that one of our Tall Poppies -  Ripeka -  won the Year 7 competition with her speech about attitudes! What a brilliant result, Ripeka. You made us all so proud. A special thank you to the coordinators and judges for all of their work.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Reminder - Curriculum Connections Meeting - Thursday @ 5pm

Buddy Reading and Bookmarks - the joys of Book Week...

Book Week is in full swing.
Reminder for Thursday - 'Blokes and books', Fush 'n' Chups', Character Parade at 9am, Granparents and Visitors Day from 9am, Milo and Marshmallows from 5-6pm in the PAC.
Reminder for Friday - School Council PJ and Popcorn event at 12.40pm

Monday, 14 September 2015


BOOK WEEK has washed up and so has the annual Book Fair 
which is on display in the music room located off the Performing Arts Centre.
Come along and see what is on offer... this year there is an 'Under the Sea' theme... come and get caught by a good book or two!

Friday, 11 September 2015

Assembly Awards

Congratulations to our Stars of the Week. You are wonderful examples of students displaying excellence:

...and whilst we are on the subject of excellence, here are this week's recipients of Principals Awards:

Well done to each and very one of you. You rock!

Olympic Medals

Olympic Values Medals

This week we were proud to present three of our Tall Poppies with gold, silver and bronze medals. All of our students did us proud at Sports Camp, however we were on the lookout all week for the three students we thought best displayed the Olympic Values. These values are:

Joy of Effort: Young people who develop and practice physical, behavioural and intellectual skills by challenging themselves and each other in physical activities, movement, games and sport.

Fair Play: Fair play is a sports concept, but it is applied worldwide today in many different ways. Learning fair play behaviour in sport can lead to the development and reinforcement of fair play behaviour in the community and in life.

Respect for Others: When young people who live in a multicultural world learn to accept and respect diversity and practice personal peaceful behaviour, they promote peace and international understanding.

Pursuit of Excellence: A focus on excellence can help young people to make positive, healthy choices, and strive to become the best that they can be in whatever they do.

Balance Between Body, Mind and Character: Learning takes place in the whole body, not just in the mind, and physical literacy and learning through movement contributes to the development of both moral and intellectual learning. This concept is the foundation for the revival of the Modern Olympic Games.

Mrs Logan, Mr Rikiriki, Mrs Taylor and Mrs Te Whaiti were unanimous in their choices for each of the medals. There are other students in the Tall Poppies who also meet these criteria at times, however these three students were the most consistent throughout the week at Sports Camp and in the lead up to it.

Congratulations to Jessica who received the GOLD, Arohaina the SILVER and Hannah the BRONZE.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

More Success!

This week Sofia represented Tauriko School at the West Cluster speech competition. We are thrilled to announce that she came second. Well done, Sofia. You are a star!

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Monday, 7 September 2015

Choir Performance

Our choir was once again amazing at Baycourt Theatre last Tuesday night. We participated in the Celebration of 60 years of the choral festival in Tauranga. We looked amazing and a big thank you must go to Mrs Taylor for her help with our costumes. Genna Ruck performed a stunning solo and our group performance of the Beatles hit ‘Get by with a little help from a friend’ was fantasic. Well done team!

Tauriko School 'Curriculum Connections' Meeting

Tall Poppies Open Day & Info Evening

We look forward to seeing parents of our current year 6 students on 16th September. Please feel free to pass this information to anyone you think might be interested in seeing and hearing what Tauriko School has to offer year 7 & 8 students in the Tall Poppies class.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Overall House Points

After our school speech finals those House Points have been added to the totals for 2015.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Speech Points - School Houses...

Speech points have been calculated following the recent School Speech Finals
and the winning house for 2015 is...

The House Shield has been updated - this is on display in the PAC.

Our Super Students!

Congratulations to all of the students who received awards at assembly today. We have...

...the fantastic recipients of the Principal's awards:

...our wonderful Star Students of the Week:

...and our brilliant Jump Jam leaders who received their special badges:

Well done to all of you for being the stunning people that you are. We are very proud of you, and you should be too!

Speech Competition Success

This week Ripeka and Arohaina represented Tauriko School at the Tall Poppies Speech competition at Omokoroa No1 School. The girls were up against the top students from schools around the district. We are thrilled to announce that Ripeka won the Year 7 competition with her speech on 'Attitudes'. Arohaina also has a successful experience, taking out second place in the year 8 competition with her speech on 'Rheumatic Fever'. We are so proud of the girls and the time and effort that went into writing and refining their work, as well as the honing of their speech presentation skills. Ripeka now goes on to the next stage of the inter-school speech competitions. Good luck, Ripeka!

Tall Poppies Problem Solving - 2nd place!

Tonight two teams of Tall Poppies competed in the Tall Poppies Problem Solving Competition. The competition was tough with teams from schools around the district putting in their top mathematicians. Congratulations to the girls' team of Hannah, Mereana and Cumorah who came second! We are so proud of the three of you. Well done to the boys team (Ethan H, Iraia and Ethan C) who worked hard too - you all did really well.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Get Reading and Eat Pizza!

Today Tauriko School students in Years 3-8 were issued a reading challenge
as part of a national promotion with LIANZA and Hell Pizza.

This is an exciting opportunity for all students to have extra reading mileage
(and enjoy a pizza along the way).

Students are coming home today with a pizza wheel and a detailed booklet outlining the challenge.
Any questions regarding the challenge, please see Lisa Rose.