Thursday, 31 July 2014

Assembly Awards 01/08/2014

Principal Awards (Term 3 Week 2)
Maya Powdrill, Jessica James, Patrick Maloney

Classroom Awards (Term 3 Week 2)
Ivy Anderson-Podmore, Keilani Worthen, Courtney Holmes, Lucas Coster, Jamie Paprzik, Cruz Gonzalez-Bourke, Sam Groves, Kane Campbell, Sharnye Calois, Olivia Burgess, Yu Min Song 

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Assembly Awards 25/07/14

Principals Awards (Term 3 Week 1)
Kiana Edwards, Jessica Hayman, James Appleton and Megan Gardiner

Classroom Awards (Term 3 Week 1)
Laura James, Troy Barnett, Jessica Cotterill, Minnie Collins, Ngahuia Edwards, Winchester Howard, Sarah Kennedy, Dency Tasi, Noah Lord and Chenoa Williams

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Tauriko Gymnastics

Over the past two terms Tauriko gymnasts have been training for the Argos Gymsports competitions. These have been held over the past few weeks.
Tauriko gymnasts have had some incredible results in every section that they entered.

Springers:  Ngahuia Edwards 2nd overall
Silver Medal Team (2nd team): Ngahuia Edwards, Madison Lennane, Poppy Richardson, Stevie Simmonds

Flyers- Year 3/4
Peta Elliot- 1st overall
Sara Esterman - 2nd overall
Gold Medal Team (1st Team): Peta Elliot, Sara Esterman, Imogen Aulding, Jasmin de Buisson

Flyers- Year 5/6
Kiana Edwards- 2nd overall
Hailey Paprzik- 5th overall
Wikitoria Galvin- 7th overall
Gold Medal Team (1st Team): Kiana Edwards, Hailey Paprzik, Jenny Mackinnon, Amy Campbell

Paige Aulding 4th overall (Year 5/6)
Keilani Worthen 1st overall (Year 7/8)
Arohaina Worthen 6th overall (Year 7/8)
Bronze Medal Team(3rd team): Paige Aulding, Cristina McCormick, Lisa Evans,
Year 7/8 Silver Medal Team (2nd team): Keilani Worthen, Arohaina Worthen, Hannah Rose, Jessica James

The following girls were then selected for the Best of the Best competition: Ngahuia Edwards, Peta Elliot, Sara Esterman, Kiana Edwards, Hailey Paprzik, Wikitoria Galvin, Paige Aulding, Keilani Worthen, Arohaina Worthen.
The Best of the Best competition involves students from Years 3-8 competing against each other in their section.
Springers (2nd overall): Ngahuia Edwards
Flyers: 4th overall Sara Esterman, 5th overall Peta Elliot
Twisters: 2nd overall Arohaina Worthen
Congratulations to all of these fabulous girls for their hard work and positive attitudes. You were wonderful representatives of Tauriko School.