Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Whole School Cross Country 2014

On Wednesday the 28th of May, Tauriko school had whole school cross country at Waipuna park.

We all arrived at school before 8:20, ready to go to cross country. Everyones hearts were pounding and bodies were shivering from the cold. Ding, ding, ding went the bell, we all lined up nervously waiting to get on the bus.

When we arrived at Waipuna Park we found our house coloured flag and sat down with our team mates.
Suddenly Mrs Billington said “could all of the year 1s please make there way over to the starting line’.3, 2, 1 BANG! went the starting gun. The year 1s sprinted off in a second. All you could here was cheering from the sideline for each house colour.

In a split second the year 2s raced off. Most of the year 2s were back in a flash, the first person plunged over the finish line.
The years 3s, 4s, 5s races flew by.
Before you knew it the year 6s had shot off in a hurry, down the hills, around the bends, through the icy cold grass, up the killer hill, over the log and before you knew it they had crossed the finish line. Last but not least the Tall Poppies went to the starting line BANG! off they went.
Once the Tall Poppies had finished we packed up and lined up in our classes and got on the bus.

When we got back to school we had morning tea and watched the parent, teacher, student race. It was so funny to watch Mr Rikiriki give Miss Dravitski a piggy back ride across the line. After that we had a sausage sizzle, the sausages were really hot and a little bit spicy.

WOW! that was a marvelous end to cross country.
The best thing was that everyone cheered each other on and the sausage sizzle. Everyone tried their best and didn't give up even though they wanted to give up.
After that day we all went home tired.

By Paige, Olivia and Summer.  



Thursday, 1 May 2014

Year 5 and 6 Totara Springs Adventure Camp

The Twisty Turny Burma Trail!

I stepped onto the first step. It felt like I had just stepped into a haunted graveyard. I was so excited but as we walked down the track more and more I got butterflies in my stomach more and more. They got worse and worse until finally we got there. Click! The last torch got turned off. Now my stomach was full to the brim with butterflies.

Josh went by himself first. I saw him running. He flashed by my eyes and out of sight. Next Libby, Sofia, Wiki, Kiana and I went. We went super slow. The first person we came to was someone who looked like a slender man he was freaky. There were lots of people freaking us out. One of them I accidentally kicked extremely hard. We kept going on and on.

“Everybody dance now!” Jerry, Zach and Ryan were singing. BOO! we all freaked them out. Then we walked up and stepped into the light.

By Gemma

Super Slippery Speedy Slide

Near Matamata, NZ in Totara Springs. It was just after breakfast and there I was standing in the middle of a ramshackle line which was no longer a line when we set off. Who were we? Well it’s Tauriko school year five and six syndicate.

The awesome lightning ride showed amazing water glinting and sparkling in the sunshine. Nathan Rikiriki sped down like a bullet released from it shell and on its way. The whoops of delight were impeccably loud. The trees fingers waved calmly in the light wind.

My foot raked into the glistening water. Wet whipping wind rushed through my hair. “You ready?” That was from Ben who I had decided to go on the slide with. I hesitated, excitement overwhelming. I stepped onto the slide, I kneeled, my hand grabbed Ben’s ankles like holding a corps over a cliff. Excitement overwhelming. I pushed off and let force and weight carry me off down the slide.

We went slowly for three metres until I hit the real slope. This was the definition for awesome, I thought. Then I realised it was easy. I spoke to soon, I hit the corners, my body threw itself around uncontrollably. Butterflies started prancing in my stomach. I felt like I was going to be sick. My stomach did a somersault. Butterflies started prancing in my stomach. My hand started slipping.My feet were slipping over the sides. I skidded onto my side and yanked myself onto my tummy. I felt dead. We were going lightning speed. SPLASH, we cascaded into the shallow pool full of glistening water.

By Joshua

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